PK Trio at Marden Oast Oct 2013

Paul’s trio with Tony Woods and Dominic Ashworth at the Marden Oast.

Paul has had a long-standing involvement in jazz performing and writing, starting with the big band connected with the City of Belfast Youth Orchestra, carrying on through many different more or less formal ensembles (mostly less), and having recently completed a five-year run of a weekly duo residency in London’s west end with guitarist Nick D’Oliveira. Paul has played many gigs with his own quartet and trio, and released three albums-

Peckham in Spring
The Dance
Duos, Duets and Duels

A project for jazz trio and string quartet is also gradually gaining momentum, with a recent London live debut.

Paul has also appeared with other jazz notables such as:

Ben Castle, Jim Mullen, Tina May, Malcolm Edmonstone, Frank Holder, Tony Barnard, Nikki Iles, Andrew Bain, Tony Woods, Dominic Ashworth, Tony Coe, Pete Hurt, Jamie Talbot, Martin Shaw, Charlotte Glasson, Mike Hatchard, Graham Pike, Mike Smith, Dave Warren, Ralph Salmins, Mike Hext, Bobby Worth, Andy Wood, Don Hunt, Matt Fripp, Richard Edwards, Rob Leake, Raul D’Oliveira, Nick Lacey, Paul Seely, Troy Miller, Scott Stroman, Phil Merriman, Jean Toussaint, Alec Dankworth, Phil Crabbe, Nick Parrans-Smith, George Moore, Jon Ormston, Rob Taggart, Ben Reynolds, Mark Ramsden, Oren Marshall, Digby Fairweather, Martin Hathaway, Henry Lowther, Bob McKay, Francesco Coghetto, Jez Franks, John Hoare, Kate Daniels, Luke Allwood, Mark Ridout, Pete Desmond, Pete Walton, Will Arnold-Foster, Andy Vinter, Jim Rattigan, Nick Rodwell, Shane Hill, Jim Lawless, Pete Beamont, Nick D’Oliveira, Paul Clarvis, Tom Gordon, Mark Edwards, Mitch Dalton, Aref Durvesh, Raphael Clarkson, Nadim Teimoori, Matt Chandler, Winston Clifford. His ‘Slam Stewart’ bowed/vocal scatting solo while trading phrases with Wynton Marsalis bassist Carlos Henriquez in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall is still ‘remembered’…


Backing the great Mike Hext.